Traditional fabric

Traditional fabric, Precious Persian Handicrafts

The most priceless bed spreads , quilts , table cloth and other handicrafts produced out of traditional fabric with nice designs and patterns in diverse colors

Woven and Tailored by Iranian artists with fully natural thread and color

Termeh is one of the best traditional Persian fabrics.It’s a very stunning fabric with native designs and patterns in diverse and special colors.

This traditional cloth is woven by hand and without modern weaving machinery, produced in a traditional way.

For producing each centimeter of this special fabric hundreds of fibres spinned out of sheep wool and cotton have been woven.

This traditional fabric since centuries ago until now has been one of the most gorgeous Persian handicrafts which is full of designs and patterns.

We guarantee naturalness of applied thread and color.The natural thread and color in this fabric prevents causing skin allergies and increases it’s lifetime.

Calico work (Ghalamkarie) is another kind of Persian traditional fabric with nice design and pattern.

These adorable patterns are drawn and printed by tools like stamp on fabric.

You can be sure that, this traditional stunning fabric won’t be pale and ragged in a short time and can use it for years and years.

Termeh and Calico work handicrafts are used as bed spread, quilt and table cloth or for producing diverse kinds of clothes.

They’ll be good complementary parts of your house decoration and setting and will bring magnificence of an original piece of art with itself.

Here, you can find the most precious hand-tied Termeh , Calico work fabrics and other kinds of traditional fabrics to beautify your house and workplace.

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