Traditional dresses

Traditional dresses and attractive handcrafts for Ladies

The most beautiful collection of hand tailored Persian traditional dresses in gorgeous designs and patterns tailored out of precious and high quality linen and cotton fabrics for ladies putting on at home,  workplace and parties

The most skillful Iranian tailors have accurately tailored this stunning set of hand tailored traditional dresses out of hundred percent the most precious , cotton and linen fabric using their dexterity for you .

Fabric of these hand tailored dresses has been decorated by gorgeous and native Persian designs and patterns , those which expressing several thousand year old culture and story of this ancient land’s women

One of this kind of feminin clothing specialty , except beaty which could be mentioned is light weight and air circulation that cause comfort during wearing time .

We assure you that they’re stunning and they’ll draw your satisfaction , you can wear them for hours and hours and feel pleasant.

Traditional dress is not just a piece of comfortable and attractive clothing , even these handicrafts express girls’ and women’s several thousands year old culture and history of an ancient land which are being held in your hands .

Purchase and wear one of them  at home ,workplace and/or during going shopping and enjoy it’s beauty and comfort.

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