Ties and Bow

Ties and Bow ties made out of traditional .cloth as beautiful handicrafts for men

Here you’ll find the most valuable ties, bow ties and other handicrafts for men tailored from “Termeh” a kind of traditional fabric

A special and irreplaceable collection in various colors and models for different tastes

Here , we’ve gathered the most beautiful and particular kinds of ties and bow ties in various traditional designs and patterns.

They’ve been tailored out of Termeh which is one of classical prized fabrics.Applied designs and patterns in these handicrafts’ cloth are several thousand years old which in Iran it’s called “Toranj”.

In these products Toranj are artistically designed on ties and bow ties which will attract everyone’s look. They show high flexibility on handicrafts with modern life style.These products has been designed and tailored in various and very attractive colors for different tastes.

You can also buy and wear your favorite Termeh-tailored tie and bow tie in this collection and enjoy wearing them.

If you’re a lady , you can give these handicrafts to your beloved man as a gift to make him shining beside you in all parties and reunions.

Our experts In Perscrafts with high accuracy examine them to provide you with beautiful and flawless products.

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