Rug and Handmade Carpets

A various and rare set of the most exquisite kinds of rug and Persian handmade carpet
Stunning handicrafts woven from natural thread with traditional and attractive pattern and design
To beautify your house and workplace, you need an elegant carpet or a well-worn rug with nice and native Persian patterns.
Those handicrafts date back over several thousand years and each has been made of millions of continuous and neat knots which was woven by hand and spending hundreds of hours.
Weavers have inherited their ancestors this skill and art.They’ve learned from their parents to teach it next generation. Use of natural color and thread, native design and pattern have made Persian carpet unique.The natural color and thread that are used for the carpets are anti-allergy and will preserve their beauty for long years.
The applied threads are generally woolen and occasionally silky.In these carpets instead of artificial and chemical colors, the natural are used which have been extracted from plants.
The used design and pattern in these products are specifically native and unique.Buying them is not just purchasing handicrafts, even it’s owning a piece of culture and an ancient land’s people’s life spirit.
The carpets and rugs are usually woven by rural girls and women. They have a secret in the each knot, the secret of rural girls who for long hours are weaving a carpet singing traditional songs.
Here, the best handmade Persian carpets and rugs were chosen by experts among hundreds of other carpets for you to be as a member of your home and family.

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