handmade dishes

A collection of the best hand made dishes such as plate, jug, cup and other precious handicrafts.

They’ve been collected to be used and decorate your house and workplace .

Plate, jug, cup and other Persian handmade dishes will shine like a ring’s precious stone in setting of your house or office .

These handicrafts have been so elegantly and precisely designed by professional jewelers’ hands .

These products have been made in particular ways which Persian jewelers have learned from former generations long long time ago .

All production procedures of these hand made dishes are done by spending a lot of time and without industrial machinery .

Enamelling and inlaying are two ways to produce Persian hand made dishes .

They’ve been decorated by very elegant and gorgeous designs and patterns which cause every visitor’s admiration

Here we’ve gathered many of handicrafts produced by the best Iranian artists

Special and Scarce Products

You can gift it to a close friend or put it in your house or workplace setting and enjoy seeing a world of elegance and beauty.

These artistic handicrafts will beautify your decoration more than before .

Our experts guarantee that the products are safe , sound and flowless and assure you that they’ll supervise all the procedures including design , production , etc until reaching you .

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