Hand tailored Shoes

Diverse kinds of hand tailored shoes with various, gorgeous and original Iranian shoes made of natural material are presented to you

Here, we have gathered a collection of the best cotton, cloth and felt hand tailored shoes in different designs for all tastes.

Those are the handicrafts made out of natural thread , fabric and/or felt (pressed sheep wool).

These products are produced by skillful craftsmen , without use of industrial machines.The artists have dedicated a lot of time to create them.Various designs of these handicrafts are retrieved from ancient designs that could be seen in other Persian handicrafts.

These stunning designs express ancient history of Iranian nation ,have given a magnificent artistic spirit and identity to the artworks.

In these tailored shoes the air easily circulates to keep your feet safe and sound as your second heat that causes you feel more comfort for insole of some of them  , a kind of cloth is used which exactly gets the shape of your foot sole by use that are so suitable for the feet health considering it .Wearing these light shoes you’ll feel the comfort that you’ve never felt wearing other shoes.

Our experts do experiments on material of the shoes insoles and applied cloth and thread in shoes and their uppers and confirm their quality.

Here , is just right place in which you can find tens of the best designed hand tailored shoes made out of natural materials in special and beautiful shapes.

These unique hand made products with their original and stunning design which has root in people’s several thousand year old history of ancient country of IRAN will make you more attractive and outstanding .

Their use is advised to elders , athletes and ladies .

You can wear them in parties , workplace and when you go walking in a park or gift them to your intimate friends.

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