About us

We at  perscrafts  introducing and presenting most brilliant Persian handicrafts which we confirm  their genuineness and are trying to introduce original and native  art applied in these products

Used art in the several thousand year old and through successive centuries has been taught from generation to the next

In fact they’re vicissitudes story of people’s life in an ancient land has been told you in art language .

We’ve chosen and gathered very meticulously these stunning products all around Iran .

for native Persian art lovers .

Our experts emphasising to save traditional production way , supervise the quality  of applied materials and prevent presentation of cheap and low quality products .

For customers’ assurance of their purchase we at perscrafts guarantee quality and genuineness of supplied products in order to provide a safe market for your shopping .

In addition perscrafts Is ready to present these products to whole sellers , traders and merchants and all people who are intrested in handicrafts sales .

We at perscrafts know ourselves in charge of your purchase to provide you with high quality products. Therefore our experts obsessively and accurately examine the products and prevent supping low quality products.  We are responsible for the information presented at this website and provide the product according to aforementioned specifications. We at perscrafts believe that honesty is origin and principle of a pure trade basis ed on humanity. Use of natural material in order to make these handmade products which are adapted to humans bodies physiology as well as the nature , is one of specifications of perscrafts ‘s products.

At perscrafts you can find following products.

  • Hand tailored leather products including diverse kinds of purses and other handicrafts tailored of hundred percent natural leather.
  • Persian , handmade precious rug and different kinds of carpet and carpet tableau made out of fully natural color and thread
  • Handmade dishes and decorative products such as vase, jug, cup and a lot of stunning dishes decorated by native Persian designs in traditional ways.
  • Ties and bow ties tailored out of traditional fabric for men.
  • “Termeh “the traditional fabric as table cloth, quilt and useable in clothing.
  • Traditional dresses for women and other excellent Persian handicrafts.